Child Mental Health Awareness

Is your Child a Mobile Addict?

As a parent You should keep these “10” key points in your mind.

1. Excessive use of phone is bad for your Childs psychological health.
2. Continuous over-use of mobile may lead to anxiety, feeling of loneliness.
3. Constant use of Mobile phones can also cause irritation, frustration and impatience when they cannot be used.
4. Cyberbullying is also one of the biggest cause of using mobile phones.
5. Over-usage of mobile phones may affect your child’s eyes too.
6. Reduces Memory - A different schools of thought suggests that a reduction in memory may be due to the waves emitted by mobile phones.
7. It can also encourages FOMO (fear of missing out).
8. It may increase susceptibility to brainwashing.
9. Decrease in physical health.
10. Slower developement in social and life skills and outdoor activities.

Why your child is addicted to Smart Devices??

Firstly, it’s important for parents to realise that this isn’t an issue just affecting children.

In 2007 when smart devices and application were begin to blossom , At Stanford university A class of 75 students were selected to do research whether technology is being used to “persuade people to take certain action”? Within a month they had created the “formula for mobile addiction” which can attract people to use mobile phones more than their actual usage. Then many of the students from this class then being hired specifically to make apps more addictive.
So its not in your Head - Sometimes its genuinely difficult to put down your phone. Which may leads to excessive phone usage. As per studies More than 5 hour of usage of mobile phone is very harmful for your body as well as your mental health. And if you think it's tough separating yourself from your mobile phone, then Imagine How difficult it must be for your child who has less Awareness of consequences of their actions.

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