Positive parenting tips we can do at different ages.

What can we do as parents and caregivers to create the best conditions for our child’s mental health? There are many positive parenting tips we can do at different ages.

As parents and caregivers, we all want our children to be physically healthy, but we also want them to be mentally and emotionally healthy.

Research has identified some positive aspects of smartphone use for youth, such as, connection with friends and access to news and information, But, devoting too much time and energy to activities on the smartphone has negative effects too such as:

1: Effect on healthy weight, attention, healthy sleep pattern, and mood.
Parents can keep children safe in digital environments by following the simple tips mentioned here.
2: Parents can share with youth that too much time on a smartphone can be unhealthy. Also, parents can open conversation about healthy relationships and responsible use of smartphones with others.
3: Parents can share with children that people online are strangers unless the parent knows the person in real life.
4: Also, teach children from a very young age to ask for adult help if anyone online ever asks for information, like the name of their school, their full name, or their address.
5: Encourage children to ask for adult help if anyone online tries to give them money, gifts, or gaming credits.
6: Encourage children to alert adults if anyone online asks for photos or videos of any kind.
7: Parents can share with children that some people online share content in the digital environment which is not kid-friendly.

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