How to Monitor your child’s Smart Device activities from your own device?

Let’s cover it all in just a few Important points. ( Must Read )

: The Good News is that now parents do not have to fight the screen time battle of their kids alone.

*Yes you heard that right*

Our Very own Parental Control Application “SERA Plus”, has the ability to block unwanted apps from your child’s device from the click of an app on your device.

This Amazing Application contains many advanced features which will help you protect your child in a better way.

1: You can check and set the Screen time limit for your child's device. Control their app usage pattern from your mobile.
2: You can keep an eye on children's browser history to find out what your children are browsing on the web.
3: You can put Instant alerts from kids' devices on explicit image detection.
4: You can set what applications your child can use without any interruption.
5: You can schedule your kid's screen time and application usage time for every day or custom days of the week and limit your kid's device usage.
6: You can select custom filters to block only some specific types of websites from your kid's search results.
7: You can filter websites to protect kids from porn, gambling, or other threatening sites.
8: You can find out what your kid is watching on YouTube and block any suspicious channel or video.
9: You can track records of driving speed, driving time, and hard braking of your teens.
10: You can control up to 5 child devices from one parent account at once and ensure children's security.

So it's time to change your “cant’s” into “can’s” for a better future for your child.
Check out now How "SERA PLUS" Parental control tools could help you get your children off their mobile phones/Screens.

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