10 Harmful Effects of Excessive use of Mobile Phones on Children's Health

A recent research study shows that children are really capable of using an advanced type of mobile phone even without any proper guidance. Though mobile phones are an effective mode of communication, it is a well-known fact that it also has adverse side effects if being overused. Mobile phones emit shockwave radioactive radiation that affects the children's bodies in various manners.

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1: Health Hazard

(b)Non-Malignant Tumours
(c)Brain Cancer/Tumours
(d)Mobile Phone affects Your Immunity Status
(e)Increase Risk of Chronic Pains
(f)Vision Problem (Ex. Myopia etc.)
(g)Increase stress level
(h)Sleep Disruption

2: Depression & Anxiety
3: Increase risk of Suicidal Tendency
4: Cyber Crime
5: Mobile phones cause cyberbullying.
6:Excessive usage of mobile phones causes wastage of valuable time.
7:Mobile phones cause isolation in people.
8: Peer Pressure
9: Inappropriate Behaviour
10: Academic performance

:Mobile phones have become a necessity for people of all ages. But before giving one to your children, you should be aware of the above mentioned effects of mobile phones on kids.
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