Parental responsibility in the digital age.

Now a days Children everywhere are gaining access to the internet – most often via a mobile phone.

Boundaries should be clear what your child can and can’t do online – where they can use the internet, how much time they can spend online, the sites they can visit and the information they can share.

: Explore together the best way to find out what your child is doing online is to ask them to tell you about what they do and what sites they like to visit.

: Stay involved. Put your family computer in a communal area and with the help of "SERA Plus" you can keep an eye on how they are using the internet and also share in their enjoyment.

With “SERA Plus” Check if it’s suitable the age ratings that come with games, apps, films and social networks are a good guide to whether they’re suitable for your child. For example, the minimum age limit is 13 for several social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

: Be a good role model. Teach and model kindness and good manners online. Because children are great mimics, limit your own media use. In fact, you'll be more available for and connected with your children if you're interacting, hugging and playing with them rather than simply staring at a screen.

: Remember: Kids will be kids. Kids will make mistakes using media. Try to handle errors with empathy and turn a mistake into a teachable moment. But some indiscretions, such as sexting, Cyberbullying, or posting self-harm images, may be a red flag that hints at trouble ahead. Parents must observe carefully their children's behaviors.

Put your children in control by installing “SERA Plus” (Advanced Parental Control App) on your home broadband.

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