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What is Eduuis

It was totally a vulnerable idea of one person before its name was downloaded in the mind. Then we multiply with the four expert of their domain and spoilt with the idea. Planning of objectives and strategies popups like the bugs, coding bugs, yes beautiful bugs that we love to reslove while enjoying the black tea.
Workspace - Our first work place is called satellite office, though it was small space with a beautiful lawn outside where we love to walk while planning the execution strategies - all these things makes the proper ambience for the creation of the Eduuis Techo Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Eduuis is a comprehensive and colloborated platform for all Education Stakeholders with the motto of Empowerment. Eduuis comes with its products SERA (Scalable, Enterprise, realtime, application) School Management Software-ERP, Search Engine and Community.


Eduuis comes from UIS Group of education, UIS (Unicorn Informatic Solution) was sprouted in back 2009 as an education consultancy institute. UIS Group believes in giving impeccable and precise information, guidance and services to our candidates and associates, with the motto “Empowering Education”. Unicorn Group serves in government and private sector. During the execution of specific project, UIS hires services of skilled and unskilled workforce, depending on the nature and duration of the project. We had dispelled all the myths associated with education and while imparting the full career counselling with the best option for the candidates of all categories – regular, distance full time and part time.

UIS Group comes with the one-stop-solution for students and their career related queries. UIS allow students to explore all possible career opportunities in a transparent and effective manner through the use of technology and career counselling. UIS Group undertake multiple programs like career guidance seminars, briefing sessions on higher education’s programs, briefing sessions on NON STEM higher education institutions, interest and talent.

In 2012, UIS Group has extended into psychological counselling in schools with its highly scientific analysis tools and dedicated team. This extension came under the new vertical named Unicorn e world.

Unicorn e world is an Initiative taken by a bunch of extremely impelled and trained specialists within the field of Academic’s, Memory Trainings and Psychological Testing. As Pioneers in the field of Child Development, Memory and Skill development, our analysts are using Dermatoglyphics and Multiple Intelligence Test are able to discover each child potential and his/her growth area, advice parents how to and the best way guide their children to lead a stress free childhood. More info

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Recognition / Validation

SERA school management system features
Govt Recognized Product / Company Trade Mark: EDUUIS & SERA Patented Product (A/F) ISO Certified 9001 : 2015


Be the world’s only platform that best understands and satisfies the needs of stress free education system. Through all of our products, services and relationships, we will add to life's enjoyment.

Invented for stress free Life. Enhance the quality of life with solutions for students, teachers, parents and institution management with the help of features like real-time interaction, a means of exchanging information, highlight talents and achievements, give feedback and rate schools/ institutions/ products/ services.


UIS Group comes with core motto or mission of “Empowering Education” and “Empowering You”. UIS group mission is to thrive in competitive Indian education industry and to position it to be India’s leading education or communication platform.

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