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We are team of talented designers, developers and customer relation people, working to develope and promote your business on digital front.

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What is Eduuis



Eduuis is a platform where Education, Learning, Growth, Collaboration, Communication, Management, Marketing and Empowerment form as its core. Eduuis is a Social Media and Networking, Communication and Collaboration and an Application Platform that allows seamless sharing, communication and management services to all stake holders.



We are a pioneer in Education field from past 10 years. With in-house professional, experienced team of Educators, Counselors and IT Analyst, Developers and Engineers we are capable of providing the latest in Education Domain by leveraging technology with functional requirements.



Eduuis has been able to successfully solve complex concerns and came up with a patented product to cater to the common / universal dynamic needs of every part of Society/ Education Institutions. Eduuis is working towards Safe, Secure, Stress-free, Transparent & Environment friendly education system uplifting socio-economic status in long run.



The mission statement of company is “Empowering Education” and the approach of company is in sync of companies thinking process.